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Career History

3D Animator - JTCanimates

  • Freelance 3D Animator

August 2023 - Present

3D Animator - Jester's Animation

  • Animated sequences under tight deadlines and seamlessly integrated with other components.

  • Assisted the director with establishing the artistic style of the project

  • Worked with the director to troubleshoot texturing issues, augment rigs, and streamline pipeline workflows

July 2023 - July 2023

3D Animator - Mainframe

December 2020 - June 2023

  • Blocked and animated shots following the director's feedback

  • Troubleshoot technical issues in shots including but not limited to layout inconsistencies, asset management, and animation issues emotion through body language and facial expressions

  • Utilize basic principles of animation to create the foundation of shots, and elevate them further by pushing poses, line of action, and intent

  • Consistent work schedule to meet and exceed quotas

Customer Service Rep - Richmond Public Library

October 2019 - May 2020

Office Manager - CB2

January 2015 - October 2017


Vanarts - 3D Animation Diploma

3D Character Animation Program

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